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Testimonial #4

Khatera Thiaw  5/5 “Soul Medic has been a life changer for me. April is a natural healer, she cares about her clients and their needs. She had gone above and beyond for me with everything. My emotional, mental and physical state. She has been there through everything and has tried different techniques for my […]

Testimonial #3

Shawn Robson  5/5 “April is the best !! I have travelled extensively and tried different treatments throughout the world. I have had pain through different areas of my body my whole life. Without telling her specifics she was able to center in on them and offer solutions to best fix them. The massage with […]

Testimonial #2

Mbaye T. Seye  5/5 “Soul Medic I can not express how much this business care about their clients. I wasn’t a client I was family and taken care like so. I had running injuries that effected my daily exercise and quality of life. April worked with me and helped I don’t believe in pharmacuticle […]

Testimonial #1

Christian Navarro  5/5 “My experience with April has been transformational for only a short amount of time I’ve been seeing her. I saw some of her clients’ results on Instagram with red light therapy and high frequency for her spider veins. Thank you, Steph for posting your results with April!” Click to Read More