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Find comfort, balance and emotional healing

Unwind, meditate and raise your vibration with our carefully selected healing crystals, hand-crafted crystal jewelry, wellness and self-care
products. April’s daughter, Maiya, carefully handcrafts crystal jewelry and self-healing bath salts and oils. Together, they have created a space to heal and feel at peace.

The moment you walk into SOUL MEDIC you feel an instant high vibrational sensation that makes you feel lighter, and filled with emotions of gratitude, happiness and peace. SOUL MEDIC truly envelopes your heart and soul with so much love and care.

Holistic pain solutions

Our bodies are quite adept at repairing themselves. We use methods that aid that natural ability to improve flexibility and reduce pain. Our non-invasive holistic treatments include modalities such as Red Light and Near-Infra Red Light Therapy, High-Frequency Treatment, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Holistic Massage, Stretch Therapy and physical manipulations, like Myofascial Release and Cupping to assist in the recovery process and reducing pain.

Stress and anxiety management

Our stress and anxiety management programs deliver innovative, holistic care to each patient’s specific needs. Adhering to the highest standards of clinical integrity and natural health care with the use of modalities such as heart rate variability (HRV) and biofeedback training.

Talk therapy sessions

We all go through periods of emotional distress. When a safe place is needed to discuss feelings and emotions triggered by daily stressors, a medical illness, relationship issues, grief, and loss, or the impact of a specific trauma. Talk therapy can often help you to identify issues that cause emotional distress.

*cost for services covered by most extended healthcare benefits


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